Martin WA 1360 Floating Row Cleaner

The WA1360 floating row cleaners are designed to follow the contours of the soil surface, consistently moving residue away from the path of the gauge wheels.  This allows the gauge wheels to run in the cleared zone to promote uniform depth control and facilitate quicker soil warning and rapid emergence.  Floating models fit most planters and may be used ahead of most no-till coulters and certain fertilizer openers including the Martin UMO-100.

  • Most compact floating row cleaner available. Only requires 19” clearance from planter face plate, 22” when using with no-till coulter and 25” when using with Martin UMO-100 fertilizer opener
  • Optional rear lever adjustment available (no tools needed, no under planter work)
  • Optional dial depth adjustment
  • Wheels can be installed in the intersected, offset, or retracted operating positions


Martin C125 Floating Row Cleaner

The C-125 was replaced by the WA1360; however it is still available for certain planter configurations such as with aftermarket no-till coulters.

  • Floats to follow ground contour
  • Threaded to depth adjustment limits down travel while allowing the semi-mounted frame to follow the contour of the land
  • Moveable axles with the Martin Exclusive D-Lock System allow several mounting positions (intersect, offset, retracted)
  • 13" diameter left and right-toothed steel wheels with diamond shaped points (15" wheels may be used on certain planters)
  • Includes internal deflectors protected under U.S. Patent #5,507,351


Martin Pin Adjust Row Cleaners

The Martin original style row cleaner clears the widest path of any tooth wheel row cleaner on the market. The 15” diameter, 3/8” thick, T-1 heat-treated wheels are made left and right in order to shed the residue better.


Martin Row Cleaner Accessories

Accessories for Martin Row Cleaners including side treader wheels, cam adjust, etc.


Martin Row Cleaner Replacement Parts

Bearings, hubs and wheels for Martin row cleaners.


Martin UMO-100 Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for the Martin UMO-100 fertilizer opener.