The combination of the SCH EasyCut guard and cutter bar knife create a cutting system which can be used for cutting almost everything in the world of forestry and agriculture. Even onions or hedges present no problem to the SCH EasyCut system. The design of the EasyCut guard also eliminates hold down clamps, shims and all of the adjusting that goes with them. Unlike other cutting systems, there’s no upward pressure on the knife. With the section alternately cutting against the top and bottom of the guards, the cutting edges stay close together. Because the knife remains balanced, you get top cutting performance from start to finish. And with our system always in balance, it keeps cutting under more severe conditions, it’s easier to drive, and we have less breakage.

The ProCut Section The greatest damage to knife sections and guards is caused by bent sections. With ProCut sections, this is eliminated because the entire knife section is heat-treated, not just the cutting edge as with conventional made sections. Therefore the section does not bend. This considerably lengthens the life of the knife and reduces damage to the guards. All ProCut sections are secured with special serrated bolts. The shoulder of the bolt wedges itself in the section and the knife back. Self locking nuts ensure a secure and durable splice. The cutouts in the center of the section help clean out residue buildup and also reduce the weight of the knife. The sections are not chrome plated. They are zinc plated and have a self-sharpening effect. Chromed sections have a surface that is much harder than the guards and wear the guards faster and do not stay sharp as long. Also, chrome plating is a very hazardous process and an environmental concern.

The Double Guard The guard is made out of high quality spring steel with an extremely hard and wear resistant surface. Because the bottom and top of the guard are bolted to the cutter bar, the guards hardly ever bend and never have the top lip break off, a common problem of standard guards. This extraordinary high stability has made the use of croplifters much more reliable, even under extreme working conditions. Beveled guard cutting edges hold the crop more firmly, and do not pull it into the cutting gap; this considerably improves the discharge of the cut crop. The cutting forces and therefore the power expended is reduced substantially. The depth of hardening on the cutting edge of the guard is increased by about 30% because of the beveled edge.