5 Finger Quick Tine


Duck Foot


Paddle Tines



The Paddle's six-inch width lifts and feeds crop that standard tines miss. 

The Paddle is designed to provide a complete sweep of the header with each rotation. By limiting the number of Paddles used, you save installation time and money.

The "Paddle" offers several advantages over standard tines:

  • Increased Harvest

  • Improved Feeding

  • Cleaner Cutter bar

  • Faster Harvesting

•  When crop conditions make harvesting difficult and inefficient, the Paddle is the cost-effective alternative to standard tines. 

•  The Paddle provides full crop contact, even with short crop, and delivers positive and even feeding into the header. 

•  Helps reduce or eliminate the need for an expensive air reel.  

•  The patented tine mounting system makes installation fast and easy. 

The “Paddle” is sold individually and includes “Paddle”, screws and complete installation instructions.

Recommended "Paddles" per platform
Original Tine Spacing Tines Per Reel Width
  18' 20' 25' 30' 36'


40 40 50 60 N/A
6.0" 30 40 40 50 60

Reel Tine Identification

Polytine Reels have a teardrop shaped metal bat with notches spaced 4.5” ( 114 mm) apart. The tines fit into the notches and are fastened to the back of the metal bat approximately 3” (76 mm) above the notch. Supplied from 1984-1989.  (HCC783950)

Love Reels have a sheet metal bat and the tine fastens over the bottom edge. There is a projection that fits into a hole on the front of the bat approximately 2.5” (64 mm) above the edge. The Love Reel was not manufactured by HCC Inc.

ML Reels have a 1.375” (35 mm) tube with 0.4” ( 10 mm) round holes spaced approximately 4.5” ( 114 mm) apart. The tines have a round nub that fits into a round hole in the tube. Supplied from 1989- 1999.  (HCC783845)

Level II Reels have a 1.375” (35 mm) tube with 0.5” ( 12.7 mm) hex holes spaced 6.0” ( 152 mm) apart. The tines have a hex nub that fits into a hex hole in the tube. Standard since 1999/2000.  (HCC783846)

Wood Bat Reels have a wood bat with steel tines spaced approximately 4.5” ( 114 mm) apart. The tines are pressed into the bat and there is a metal clip riveted to the bat to provide support to the tine.  (HCC783949)




The May Wes 5-Finger Quick Tine is an aftermarket replacement tine that is designed to turn your factory tine into a high performance tine that helps better gather short or sparse crops.

It easily slips over the existing finger, attaching directly to the bar. Its unique 5-finger design aids in feeding short or specialty crops more consistently and evenly.

Designed for use in soybeans, wheat, canola, chickpeas, lupins, and flax.

No tools are needed for installation.   

Five-5-Finger-Replacement-Reel-Finger-Tines HRV


Replacement 5-finger quick tine, designed to fit over: 

#HRV983834 is designed to fit over: Case-IH, MacDon and New Holland FD models.

#HRV983836 is designed to fit over: John Deere late-model 600FD and 700FD.

#HRV983838 is designed to fit over: AGCO 300-800, 8000, 8200, 9250; Case-IH 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020, 3020; John Deere 900, 600, 600FD (before serial number 785000); 
Massey Ferguson 8000, 8200, 9250, 9700, 9750, 9800, 9850; New Holland 971, 973, 71C, 72C, 73C, 74C, 92C, 94C, 740CF