High quality spring steel guards, completely hardened sections and roller guides give the system durability and low maintenance. The EasyCut II system eliminates the need for any adjustments, meaning less downtime and provides high-cutting performance in the toughest conditions.

The Easy Cut II system eliminates the need for any adjustments, meaning more uptime and less maintenance. SCH has specially designed each part to be universal. By doing so, each of the common components can be used on many different applications. The SCH Easy Cut II system provides high-cutting performance even in extreme harvesting conditions. Most platforms on the market today can be updated to the SCH Easy Cut II Conversion Kit.



No Adjustments - With the enclosed design of the guards, hold downs are eliminated, along with all the  adjustments that come with them

Choices to Suit Every Harvest Condition - Roller guides or wear plates; short or long guards; 7 or 11 serrations-per-inch sickle sections

Easy Handling - Most conversion kits and sectional knife assemblies can be shipped with a small parcel carrier

Superior Cutting SystemHigh quality, durable components make up each conversion kit.

Universal Parts Nearly all components can be used on many different applications

Complete Application Range - Conversion kits are available for all types of machines (Windrowers/Combines/Haybines/Sickle-bar Mowers)

Choices - Each conversion kit is available with roller or conventional wear plates



Despite all technological advances around the combine and platform, the cutting system is still the first part to touch your crop and determines your harvest success. The Schumacher cutting system is an essential component for successful combining and supports maximum performance of combine harvesters.


The SCH Easy Cut II Cutterbar Conversion Kit is a universal cutting system that can be used in any type of crop. With the use of spring steel guards, roller guides, and completely hardened sections, the Easy Cut II cutting system combines high quality and wear-resistant components to provide the most innovative knife system in the market today. The Easy Cut II system eliminates the need for any adjustments, meaning more uptime and less maintenance.

S.I. Distributing has over 30 years of experience in selling Schumacher products.  


The new SCH top and bottom roller guides allow more flexibility on the platform while decreasing the likelihood of material buildup around the rollers. 

As before, they continue to reduce the friction on the knifeback and allows the knife to run more smoothly. It also results in less knife load and power requirements for the knife drive or wobble box.

The new short SCH EasyCut guards improve crop flow in no-till soybeans.  They are recommended for flex grain platforms. 

The combination of the SCH EasyCut guard and cutter bar knife create a cutting system which can be used for cutting almost everything in the world of forestry and agriculture. Even onions or hedges present no problem to the SCH EasyCut system. The design of the EasyCut guard also eliminates hold down clamps, shims and all of the adjusting that goes with them. Unlike other cutting systems, there’s no upward pressure on the knife. With the section alternately cutting against the top and bottom of the guards, the cutting edges stay close together. Because the knife remains balanced, you get top cutting performance from start to finish. And with our system always in balance, it keeps cutting under more severe conditions, it’s easier to drive, and we have less breakage.

ProCut Sections   Stones and dirt are tough on knife sections.  They not only increase section wear but can also damage other parts of the platform.  Knife section quality is therefore of extreme importance.   Schumacher Pro Cut knife sections are completely thru-hardened, therefore extremely tough.  They don’t bend.  Therefore, when hitting large stones or other objects, damage to guards is eliminated which is not the case with regular sections.

The sections are fastened to the knifeback with a special serrated bolt and a flange nut.  The conically shaped and serrated body of the bolt locks tightly in the section and knifeback hole.  A tight and secure connection is the result.  At the same time, sections can be quickly changed.

Double Guards  In the last decades, two types of double guards have become dominant in the market: the forged guard and the Schumacher steel guard.  What makes the SCH Easy Cut steel guard so special?  The SCH Easy Cut guard is manufactured using a special alloy steel.  A subsequent special hardening process gives the guard extremely high hardness, durability and wear life.  Another advantage is the much higher vertical and lateral strength of the guard.  Less guard breakage.  The angled cutting edges of the guard hold the crop material better, resulting in a cleaner cut and a better flow of material.  This also results in less power needed to cut the material.

•    EasyCut II blunt guard eliminates spearing of residue

•    EasyCut II guard gets more crop through the cutting system

•    SCH knife system never needs adjustment

•    SCH guards bolt to top and bottom of platform

•    SCH guards are fully heat treated

•    SCH guards have two beveled cutting edges

•    SCH sections are fully heat treated

•    SCH sections will not bend

•    Optional SCH rollers improve performance

•    Optional SCH rollers reduce friction & vibration


Product Reviews

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SCH EasyCut Cutter Bar Kits

Each SCH Easy Cut II Cutter bar kit includes: Knife assembly, rollers (if roller kit ordered); knifehead; guards; spacer plates or wear plates, mounting hardware, spare parts, mounting instructions


SCH EasyCut Parts


SCH EasyCut Roller Guide Kits

The advantages of the SCH Roller Guides on the SCH Easy Cut Cutting System: less knifeback wear, less friction, less knifeback breakage, easier knife installation, less power required to drive the knife, less platform vibration